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Représentation in Luxembourg
Représentation in Luxembourg


Europe in the 21st Century: Challenges and Opportunities

Jean Monnet Building of the European Commission, Luxembourg

Friday, 18 May


I. Plenary Session: Challenges


Panel 1: Threats to the prevailing political and socio-economic consensus:

fragility of the social model; rise of the extreme right; erosion of the middle-class; growing inequalities; decay of the political ethos

Moderator: François Tremeaud
Panellists: Christopher Coker, Jan Kavan, Lothar Rühl, Csaba Tabajdi


Panel 2: The eurozone crisis:

Implosion or muddling through? Saving the euro – at what price? A multi-speed EU?

Moderator: Mario Hirsch
Panellists: G. Michael Ambrosi, Jean-Pierre Pagé, Theo Waigel, Mingqi Xu


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