30th July – 4th August 2001

“The EU after the Summit of Nizza”



Monday 30th July


10.30 –12.00            Session I: The challenges for the EU before Nizza


16.00-17.30              Session II: What Nizza achieved. Where it failed


17.30-19.00              Session III: Nizza and the future of the enlargement process


Tuesday 31st July


10.30 –12.00            Session IV: The roles of small and big countries in the

                                   upcoming EU


16.00 – 17.30           Session V: The foreign security and defence policy of the future EU


17.30 – 19.00           Session VI: The position of those countries which will

remain outside the EU in the foreseeable future


Wednesday 1st August


10.30 –12.00            Session VII: The issues of reinforced cooperation and

                                   subsidiarity in the future EU


17.30    – 19.00           Session VIII: The implications of the introduction of the euro for the ongoing integration process



Thursday 2nd August


10.30 –12.00             Session IX: What kind of Europe will emerge? A supranational one? A federal one? An intergovernmental one?


16.00 -17.30             Session X: Does the EU need a constitution?


17.30-19.00              Session XI: The role of an enlarged and reformed EU in

the world



Friday 3rd August


10.30 –12.00            Session XII: The future of the continent: one Europe or



17.30-19.00              Session XIII:  The search for a better internal balance in

                                   the EU (between politics and economics; wealthy and less

                                   wealthy countries; more integration-friendly and less

integration-friendly; between the “core” and the “periphery”)



Saturday 4th August


10.30 –12.00            Session XVI: The role of Romania and Bulgaria in the

                                   upcoming European integration process.